Be Carbon Neutral Right Now

For every tonne in your footprint an equivalent tonne will be removed from the atmosphere. The co-benefits delivered include helping scale new carbon removal technologies, as well as establish wildlife corridors in previously deforested land.

Sustainability Report Performance Data

Reference Period

01 Jan 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

Snapshot Date

Oct 04 2022

Environmental Stewardship
Total mCO2 Emissions

727143 t

Total Energy Consumption

2 TWh

World Impact
mCO2 Emissions Nations Breakdowns
United States 312601 t
Others 284711 t
Australia 43186 t
United Kingdom 42819 t
Germany 25124 t
Canada 18702 t
Total CO2 Emissions
Energy Consumption Nations Breakdowns
United States 826 GWh
Others 679 GWh
United Kingdom 160 GWh
Canada 151 GWh
Australia 82 GWh
Germany 69 GWh
Total Energy Consumption